Vinyl Siding Colors--Choose One that Matches Your Siding Style

When choosing between the many different vinyl siding colors that are now available, you may want to consider a couple of important factors before making your final selection. Of course, the color of your home's siding should complement the color of your roof, but the shade should also look pleasing when viewed in the context of neighboring houses and the surrounding landscape. The style of vinyl siding that you select is another factor you should consider.

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Vinyl Siding Colors That Match the Siding Style

  • Vinyl Log Siding is a popular choice for homeowners who want the look of a real log siding, but not the headaches of the yearly maintenance that most real log homes require. This style of siding looks best in brown or a warm earth-toned gray, and those brands with an embossed wood grain pattern tend to appear the most realistic.
  • Beaded vinyl clapboards look similar to standard horizontal clapboards, but they have a rounded groove running along the lower edge of each board. This gives the siding an attractive craftsmanship detail. The horizontal bead also creates an shadow line along the clapboard that can add some visual interest to extensive, and sometimes monotonous, sections of siding. This shadow line is most effective with light vinyl siding colors, such as white or beige.
  • Vinyl shakes are a low-maintenance alternative to cedar shakes, and can offer a rustic accent to your home or vacation cabin. The rough surface and staggered edges of vinyl shakes mimic the look of real split-wood shakes. A medium-toned color, such as terra-cotta or light brown, can help to visually unify individual shakes, while light colors may appear too busy. and detract from your home's appearance.

New vinyl siding can be a significant investment, so before you spend the money you should obtain a sample board in your chosen color and style, and temporarily hang it on the side of your house to see if you like how it looks. Remember, small chips may not give you a realistic representation of how a certain vinyl siding color and style may look once it is on your home.

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