Vinyl siding colors in bloom - Spring into a new look for the whole year

Several years ago, the most common choices in vinyl siding colors were various shades of white, beige, and the occasional light blue. That is because there were no standards set for color retention of vinyl siding. It was very common to see darker colors fade considerably over just a few years of exposure to the sun. But with new advancements in vinyl siding colors, making your home more personal--and keeping it that way for a very long time--is easier than ever.

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Today, the Vinyl Siding Institute has standards in place that help homeowners understand just how long the vibrant color of their vinyl siding should last. Here's what to expect when you go shopping for that perfect color.

Vinyl siding colors are blooming

In 1985, the Vinyl Siding Institute began sponsoring outdoor weathering studies of vinyl siding across the industry. The results of those studies have aided manufacturers in creating vinyl siding that retains more of its original color after years of direct sun exposure. Many darker colors now have extra layers of UV coating that helps protect the siding from fading.

In 2003, the Vinyl Siding Institute created a new industry standard with ASTM D 6864, Specification for Color and Appearance Retention of Solid Colored Plastic Siding Products. Today, over 350 colors meet the standard to be certified by the VSI.

What does that mean for you? It means that the certified vinyl siding you choose will stand up to the elements and retain its beautiful color for many years to come. When shopping for vinyl siding, look for the VSI Certification seal that ensures your vinyl siding is up to industry standards for rigidity, color fading and the like.


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