Vinyl Siding Colors With All the Trimmings: Three Choices

The exterior of your home might be the biggest canvas that you will ever have to shroud with color. Choosing vinyl siding colors is a big decision, and one that you may live with for a very long time. Picking the right siding color for your home can be difficult, and when pairing it with a coordinating trim color, the task can be even more challenging.

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Vinyl Siding Colors: Focus Your Options

When matching your siding with a trim color, you can choose a white, a neutral, or an accent color for best results.

  1. White. If you want a traditional looking home, choose vinyl siding colors that go well with bright white trim. White trim looks great with many colors, from light pastels to dark reds and blues, and a home with white trim generally blends well with neighboring homes.
  2. Neutral or Tonal . Vinyl siding also looks great when trimmed with a neutral, or tonal color. Unlike the stark contrast created by white trim, neutral trim colors compliment the color of your siding, especially if you choose siding and trim colors that are different tones of the same color. For example, sage green siding with a deep forest green trim brings two complimenting hues together, which can give your home a well-matched aesthetic.
  3. Accent. If you really want your home to make a bold impression, but don't want it to stick out like a sore thumb, then choose a brightly accented trim color with a contrasting siding color. For example, tan siding with black trim could outline your home in a very distinct manner. Butter yellow siding with deep orange trim may brighten your neighborhood, but your neighbors may prefer something more casual looking, such as tan siding with navy blue trim.

These days vinyl siding colors are many and beautiful. With so many color choices, your goal is to be creative, without being ostentatious. Picking the perfect colors for your home's siding and trim can make you proud, and your neighbors pleased.



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