Vinyl Siding Colors to Reflect Your Community, Region, Architecture or Taste

Choosing vinyl siding colors is a process that involves determining what effect you want and which companies offer the palettes that will achieve that look. Color preference varies by region, driven by the prevailing quality of light. That accounts for the popularity of hunter green and barn red in the Northeast, the pinks and corals and creams of the South, the turquoise and sand of the desert Southwest, and the greys and blues of the Pacific Northwest. Somehow those pinks that look so appropriate in Florida would look a bit "off" in New England.

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Vinyl Siding Colors for Traditionalists

Then there is the character of your neighborhood to consider. Is it traditional, historic, or contemporary? Do you have CC and Rs or architectural committees that would veto a chartreuse and yellow scheme? When searching for appropriate colors, the names of palettes can usually tell you their character--for example, Cedar Impressions by Certainteed obviously imitates natural wood, and Associates Materials' Architectural Classics or Preservation palettes are geared toward historic or traditional homes.

Finally, there is your house with its features you'd like to highlight or perhaps flaws you'd like to camoflage. Most houses will need a palette with at least three different colors for siding, trim, and accents. Early Queen Anne houses (late 1880s) often used multiple colors to bring out design elements. Whites and creams were common after 1900. Victorian homes feature rich shades and bright jewel tones. Many traditional home designs, such as Georgian and Italianate, often look best with a light to medium color palette for siding.

...and Individualists

Today, we see many modern interpretations with bolder use of color such as reds, greens and browns for the primary exterior cladding or for trim elements. And a uniform look with matching side and trim colors can add a feeling of airiness and spaciousness.

Once you know what colors you prefer, check them for durability. The Vinyl Siding Institute maintains a list of certified colors and products. VSI's color retention certification requires an outdoor weathering study for each color being considered, and each certified color must demonstrate the ability to resist major changes over time in a variety of climates.

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