Vinyl Siding Colors and Warranties

Most vinyl siding will fade over time; how much it fades depends on the amount of exposure to sun, heat and harsh weather. Newer technology in vinyl siding has decreased this tendency, but some color loss is still inevitable over time.

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Some brands and types of vinyl siding have a higher tendency to lighten but higher quality vinyl siding does not fade much. As a rule, darker colored vinyl siding fades more than lighter colored siding, because darker colors absorb more heat from the sun. In regions characterized by extreme heat conditions, it is not recommended that darker colored vinyl siding be used because not only do they fade, but the heat absorption can cause panels to warp and buckle.

To minimize the chance of your vinyl siding colors fading, select colors and products certified by the Vinyl Siding Institute. These are products that meet the performance standards for weather-resistance, wind load, and impact resistance and also resist major color changes in a variety of climates, based on two-year outdoor weathering studies.

Are Vinyl Siding Colors Warrantied against Fading?

What about your warranty? No vinyl siding gets a lifetime warranty against any fading; typically, they are warrantied against excessive fading (with "excessive" defined in the warranty language) or you get a limited or pro-rated warranty against any fading.

To minimize fading:

  • Buy a high-quality vinyl siding but be prepared to pay more
  • Select siding with a very good warranty (some do come with 15-year guarantees against any fading)
  • Choose lighter colors in high heat areas
  • Opt for siding in VSI-certified colors

If your vinyl siding fades and you are not ready to replace it, then you can give it a fresh coat of paint. Most paint manufacturers make special paint for vinyl siding with a finish that lasts a long time. There are also vinyl restoration products that can be used to freshen up your siding.

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