21st century vinyl siding color trends

When was the last time you shopped for vinyl siding? If you're like many families, the answer might be never--the material may have been on a home you purchased during the '80s, or perhaps you've only seen it on houses in older neighborhoods. You may think the material makes a home look plain due to the few color choices available and that when you drive through a community of vinyl-sided houses, they all look the same. If this is the reason you're not considering the material for your home, you might want to think again. Vinyl siding colors have entered the 21st century.

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These aren't your parents' vinyl siding colors

Color options were limited during vinyl siding's early days. It wasn't unusual to drive through a newly built community where every 5th or 6th house had the same vinyl siding color. Siding manufacturers offered colors such as white, cream, blue, almond and perhaps a shade of grey--hardly an assortment that would make Crayola proud. It's no wonder the product had a reputation for being bland. But that era is over, and when choosing a vinyl siding today, your biggest obstacle might be deciding which of the many color selections available would look best on your home. Just a few of the colors available from various manufacturers include these enticing options:

  1. CertainTeed--Monogram 46 offers 40 colors, including shades such as Barn Red, Pacific Blue and Mint
  2. Mastic--Quest double 4 inch features 35 color selections, including hues such as Russet Red, Colonial Yellow and Cape Cod Grey
  3. Royal Building Products--Royal Woodland 16 offers 25 color options, including Rustic Red, Sunflower and Soft Maple

Go with vinyl and update your home's siding palette.

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