The scoop on log vinyl siding

If you are looking for a low-maintenance alternative to log cabin siding, then you should consider the advantages of log vinyl siding. Unlike real wood logs, which require seasonal maintenance and refinishing, vinyl siding needs only an occasional washing with soap and water to look its best. Another advantage of vinyl is that it is not susceptible to damage from insects, UV light exposure, or the natural elements, which means that you can enjoy the rustic aesthetic of a real log home without the challenge and expense of maintaining one.

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Popular brands of log vinyl siding

  • Manufactured by StyleCrest, Timbermill Log Cabin Siding is an insulated vinyl siding that looks just like real cedar log siding. The product is available in two colors, American Cedar, which is similar to the color of natural cedar, and Forest Brown, which is a dark brown color. The siding panels are protected by the company's patented Kynar PVDF film finish, which the company claims can help resist fading in sunlight. Timbermill vinyl log siding sells for about $380 per square. The siding pieces are available in 12-foot lengths and are installed with various accessories and J-channel trim pieces, much like traditional vinyl siding. Timbermill siding is widely available in the U.S., and the company's website can locate the dealer nearest you.


  • Kaycan, a Canadian siding manufacturer, produces their popular Montebello vinyl log siding, which simulates the look of half-round wood log siding. The siding is available in four colors, Cypress Green, Vermont Maple, Spice and River Rock, which is a light earth-toned gray color. This durable siding is backed by rigid foam insulation, which helps the product resist damage and increases its insulating capabilities. The Montebello siding sells for approximately $320 per square, and you can expect to pay about $24 per corner trim piece and about $7 for each piece of J-channel. Although the product is made in Canada, the company has many distributors in the U.S. who can ship to any location worldwide.

When selecting a brand of log vinyl siding, you should request a sample board from the dealer so that you can have a better understanding of how the product may look when installed on your house. While some dealers stock the siding, which means that it is available on short notice, keep in mind that some suppliers may need several weeks to fill your order.



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