The Color of Money: Choosing Vinyl Siding Colors for Best ROI

With 332 colors officially certified by the Vinyl Siding Institute, vinyl siding offers choices for every taste. As a result, choosing vinyl siding colors for best ROI can be a daunting task. However, keeping home resale value and durability in mind helps ensure the best return on homeowners' and builders' dollars.

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ROI: will your vinyl siding colors win a popularity contest?

In a national Sears survey, 37 percent of households chose white as their ideal home color. Other popular exterior home colors included gray, blue, and tan or brown, in that order. Keeping in mind that buyers' preferences affect a home's resale value, investments in these colors will have a positive return when the vinyl siding properly installed.

Understanding color change can help when choosing vinyl siding colors for best ROI. Color change is a natural result of weathering--a combination of sunlight, moisture, temperature and pollution. A home's exposure varies by environment, but color change everywhere has similar results: exposed vinyl siding colors become lighter, greener and yellower than unexposed color samples. Therefore, the south side of a home, which often has a high level of environmental exposure, may eventually look lighter, greener or yellower than the north side of a home, which typically has low natural exposure.

While yellow is one of the least favorite exterior home colors as reported in the survey, light-colored siding with yellow or green undertones may ultimately provide the best ROI when choosing vinyl siding colors. Therefore, select whites or creams, green-based grays, or yellow-based tans. These are popular color choices which may experience less obvious color change over time.


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