Past Pastels: New Trends in Vinyl Siding Colors

As with music, clothes and cars, vinyl siding colors reflect the times. And as with other trends, the classics are always in vogue. Vinyl siding color trends are similar. Traditional colors, such as pastels, continue to be popular selections, and classics like whites and creams are always in style. However, new colors are gaining popularity, and homeowners are finding that they have more vinyl siding color choices than ever before.

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Trend #1: Bold Hues

Bold is "in." Unlike wood, vinyl siding doesn't require staining or painting and is very resistant to weathering and insect damage. As a result, vinyl siding is the ideal surface for bold colors since it won't fade or warp like wood can. Dark reds and deep blues are some of the newest bold vinyl siding color options.

Trend #2: Earth Tones

Earth tones are popular everywhere, as browns and greens blend into virtually every type of landscape. While many people enjoy homes with an element of originality, most appreciate that their neighbors' houses do not stick out in a harsh or offensive way. Earthy vinyl siding colors, such as rich brown and hunter green, help highlight a home's beauty, but naturally.

Trend #3: Certified Colors

There are more than 330 certified vinyl siding colors in the Vinyl Siding Institute Product Certification Program. To be certified, a color must meet ASTM standards for color retention, ensuring the color will resist major changes in many environments and climates. Therefore, whether it is classic, traditional, bold or earthy, a certified vinyl siding color helps the home maintain a fresh-looking exterior. That attractive, clean look--regardless of the hue--is one trend that never goes out of style.

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