Modern vinyl siding colors come in every imaginable hue

In the early days of vinyl siding, it was usually available only in pale colors -- beige, white and a few pastel colors. That's because earlier forms of vinyl siding had a very high "expansion-contraction coefficient"; the siding expanded in the heat and contracted in cooler temperatures. Darker vinyl siding colors often exaggerated the effect to the point that the siding could buckle or distort.

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But times have changed. Today's vastly improved vinyl siding colors come in just about any shade you might want, and more than 350 different shades have been thoroughly third-party tested and certified to hold their color through long exposure to the elements. One company, Alcoa, offers more than 700 vinyl siding colors.

The color retention certification process overseen by the Vinyl Siding Institute requires a two-year, outdoor weathering study conducted for each of the vinyl siding colors introduced on the market. And once certified, the vinyl siding colors are checked out periodically in unannounced inspections by an independent agency. All vinyl siding colors are re-evaluated every six years.

Variety of vinyl siding colors available today

Nowadays, you can buy siding in a rainbow of colors, from barn red to hunter and sage greens and deep blues. Some manufacturers have advanced the technology to the point that the vinyl siding colors never fade or change over time, and the richness of some colors even serve to mask any scratches or other imperfections that might appear over time.

One firm, Royal Building Products, has developed a line of siding that purports to block out the sun by using a thermoplastic called Luran S ASA that protects dark colors and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Ater realizing that their customers wanted more freedom in designing complex and harmonious vinyl siding color schemes, Crane came out with a series of "design palettes" that help homeowners find the right color combination based on their home's style, geography or surrounding environment. The result is color groups that evoke such architectural styles as country cottages, arts-and-craft style homes and rustic retreats.

Other advances you'll find while shopping for vinyl siding colors:

  • Different finishes, such as glossy and matte
  • Colors -- but also textures -- that resemble cedar, brick or stone.
  • Textured siding that replicates staggered cedar shakes or a rough-sawed look

Vinyl siding may be designed to look like stained or natural wood or even painted planks, but vinyl requires far less care and maintenance than those surfaces. And with VSI's color certification process, you can be assured that your vinyl siding colors will look great for many years.

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