Match or contrast vinyl siding trim for the right look

Vinyl siding trim is the finishing touch for your new siding purchase. Choosing a trim that suits your home style can help make your property stand out as a beautiful example of what vinyl siding can do. Deciding between the many trim options can be daunting--where do you begin?

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Making the most of vinyl siding trim

Start by considering what statement you want to make with your home. The trim you choose can work with the siding to create anything from an easy, laid-back look to a dramatic statement. Here are a few tips:

  1. Want your landscaping or architectural details to be the star of the show? Then opt for siding and trim that is close to the same color and style to create a blended look.
  2. Shake trim can add a decorative flair to your home. This is especially suitable for Victorian styles.
  3. Alternating colors of siding and trim can create a sunburst effect on gables, eaves and dormer window areas. This striking look can add whimsy to any home and might look especially good on an Italianate style structure.
  4. The fine details of a Gothic-revival or Victorian-style home can pack a greater punch with vinyl siding trim in deep colors that accentuate the area. Trim that mimics the details, such as crown molding, fits in nicely with the overall style.
  5. Crown molding trim in colors complementary to the siding can provide an easy-on-the-eyes look that suits colonial-style homes.

Your choices concerning trim for your vinyl siding are practically endless. If you need help wading through the options, a local vinyl siding contractor can help guide you through the process.

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