Maintenance-Free Vinyl Siding Colors Stand Up to the Elements

Vinyl siding colors today come in every hue you can imagine, from barn red and hunter green to such designer colors as wheat, cypress and mocha.

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Not only can you choose from hundreds of vinyl siding colors, you can also get a choice in what type of finish you like, from matte and glossy finishes to surfaces that look like painted wood. Many manufacturers also produce product lines of vinyl siding colors that are matched to color-coordinated trim materials.

New Generation of Vinyl Siding Colors Don't Fade

Many of the latest vinyl siding colors come guaranteed not to fade, and more than 350 have been thoroughly tested and certified by the Vinyl Siding Institute not to fade under any weather conditions. This is important because the angle of the sun often causes one, two or three sides of a house clad in other materials, such as cedar, to fade faster than the other sides.

Fade resistant vinyl siding colors mean you are no longer restricted to the pale colors that characterized the early forms of vinyl siding. Many types of siding also come with lifetime warranties against the yellowing and heat retention that once affected early vinyl siding products. This means there is very little maintenance required.

Vinyl Siding Colors More than Skin Deep

Some vinyl siding products are even color-permeated so that scratches won't scrape away a surface color and leave an imperfection.

Homeowners were once advised to never paint their vinyl siding, because vinyl siding expands and contracts significantly when there are big changes in air temperatures, often breaking the seal between paint and vinyl. But just as vinyl siding has become more durable, so have paints advanced technologically.

Several new exterior paints that came on the market around 2002 have been formulated to stick well to vinyl siding, and some paint manufacturers offer long-term warranties for their products. The best types of paint to use on vinyl siding are a blend of urethane and acrylic resins.

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