How to Match Vinyl Siding Colors

You may need to match vinyl siding colors for a couple of reasons. If your vinyl siding is damaged the replacement siding must closely match the existing siding. Vinyl siding colors on new room additions must blend with what's already on the house.

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Tips on Matching Vinyl Siding Colors

  • Contact the vinyl siding contractor: If you know who installed the siding ask them the brand of siding used on your home. Their records should indicate the exact manufacturer, style, and color. If the original siding is no longer available ask for a current alternative.
  • Match a sample: If you can't discover who installed your vinyl siding, remove a sample from an unobtrusive spot and take it to vinyl siding contractors. They will either identify it or come up with a close enough match.
  • Do a siding graft: If the damaged section is faded and visibly located, replace it with a piece from a less obvious location, perhaps behind a shrub. Install a new piece where you took the replacement piece.
  • Replace the whole wall: If the above solutions are still too visible, replace the affected wall. Walls around the corner look different anyway, because of sun and shadows.
  • Custom siding: Find vinyl siding manufacturers who will do a custom runs to match faded vinyl siding colors. This is more cost-effective when replacing a wall or cladding a room addition.
  • Paint your siding: While vinyl siding is not normally painted, this matches vinyl siding colors when nothing else does. Use paint recommended specifically for vinyl siding and precisely follow the instructions for cleaning, priming, and painting.
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