How to Choose Your House Siding Colors

One of the factors to consider when planning a siding project is to decide on your home's color scheme. Just because your home uses a certain colors now doesn't mean you have to keep those colors forever. A siding project can provide an excellent opportunity to freshen up the look of your home by changing siding colors.

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Vinyl Siding Color Advantages

Vinyl siding can offer several advantages for your home siding project. In addition to being inexpensive and durable, vinyl siding is also colorfast. Unlike wood siding, which periodically needs to be painted or touched up, vinyl siding will never fade or discolor. This is because vinyl siding colors are molded right into the boards as part of the manufacturing process. You don't need to worry about any minor nicks or gouges revealing a different color underneath because there is no different color underneath: the color goes all the way through.

How to Pick Your Vinyl Siding Colors

The choice of your vinyl siding colors largely depends on what vinyl siding manufacturer you pick and what grade of siding you pick within that brand. In general, the higher the grade of siding, the more available color options. While an economy grade vinyl siding might only have four or five color choices, a premium grade vinyl siding might have up to thirty distinct colors to pick from.

Once you know your vinyl siding colors options you can determine what will look best on your home. You want to pick a color scheme that will work well with the architectural style of your home and the other homes in the neighborhood. In addition to your main house siding colors you can pick complementary accent colors for your windows, trim, shutters, and other architectural details. These details are a good place for brighter, more vibrant, colors that might be overpowering if applied to the whole house.

CertainTeed Vinyl Siding Colors

CertainTeed is one of the leading manufacturers of vinyl siding. The CertainTeed Monogram 46 line of premium vinyl siding offers thirty-two low-gloss solid colors, eight low-gloss wood tone blends, and forty coordinating trim colors. The line is available in Double 4" Clapboard, Double 5" Clapboard, and Double 5" Dutch lap.

The CertainTeed website can help you make your color choice. In addition to the standard color swatches, the website's ColorView Exterior Style and Color Selector application allows you to apply different color siding and trim choices to various model house styles to help you determine how the colors would look on your home.

Whether you go with CertainTeed vinyl siding, or another companies' products, make sure you take the opportunity to add some color to your life with your vinyl siding project.

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