How To Choose The Best Vinyl Siding Colors For Your Home

You've chosen vinyl siding for your home because of its low maintenance qualities or because of the broad selection of siding styles. Surprisingly, your friends and neighbors will only notice one thing about your new siding: its color. Among dozens of vinyl siding colors, your choice can make or break your home's appearance.

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Consider These Tips when Choosing Vinyl Siding Colors:

  1. Pick a color that blends with your home's natural setting. A sandstone red color looks great on a southwestern style home situated in the desert, while an icy blue color makes that home stand out like a sore thumb.
  2. The color of your home's siding should complement nearby houses. If your home is surrounded by houses that are sided in earth tones like brown or moss, don't pick fire engine red or canary yellow.
  3. Your installed vinyl siding color may appear different than the small color sample chart. Avoid this problem by purchasing some siding panels and testing them in both sun and shade against your home. Remember, colors appear differently depending on the time and the weather, so judge your siding sample over several days.
  4. If you choose a bold color, that color will be the focus of people's attention. If you select a softer color, then your home's architectural style and details will draw attention.

In choosing vinyl siding colors it's very helpful to drive around nearby neighborhoods and look for houses that are similar to your home. Snap pictures and note addresses on your preferred colors. Then show them to your painting contractor, who will help you weigh your options before making your final decision.

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