How Siding Styles Affect Vinyl Siding Colors

Often choosing vinyl siding colors depends on the style of siding you've selected. While color choice is a personal preference, some vinyl siding styles seen naturally suited for certain colors.

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Dutch Lap Siding and Traditional Lap Siding

Dutch lap and traditional lap siding panels often have wood grains. In that case opt for more woodsy colors such as tan, cream, gray or brown, which let the grain show as it would on natural wood.

Beaded Designs

Beaded siding designs are best suited for traditional colors. One of the most popular styles of vinyl siding, it has a beaded seam between its flat panels. The result is a clean, traditional look which is well suited for neutrals and pastels.

Smooth Vinyl Siding

Smooth vinyl siding is, as the name implies, smooth. It is the ideal surface for any color; in fact, its lack of any distracting design features creates a blank canvas which allows the use of non-traditional colors. Smooth vinyl siding can modernize the look of the home in colors as varied as stark white or a deep Williamsburg blue.

Shakes, Scallops, Shingles and Fish Scales

These styles are ideal for bold or contrasting vinyl siding colors. Fish scales and scallops add a romantic or historic look to the exterior of a home, and can be a perfect medium for adding a touch of vibrant color to the home. Alternately, choose a lighter or darker shade of the main siding color. Accents like vinyl shakes, which are cut to look like real wood, look more authentic when colored like wood. Choosing red, brown or tan are possible options.

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