Are Some Vinyl Siding Colors Easier To Maintain Than Others?

Although vinyl siding is often considered maintenance-free, it still requires some attention if it is to continue to look as expected and perform as designed. Determining how regularly, and to what extent, you are going to need to maintain your siding can depend on several factors, such as weather, your home's location, and which vinyl siding colors you choose.

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Vinyl Siding Colors Can Effect Home Maintenance Schedules

While you certainly want to choose a siding color that complements the architectural style of your home and the surrounding neighborhood, you may also want to consider these maintenance issues before making your final selection:

  1. Lighter vinyl siding colors tend to show dirt more easily than darker ones. That means that you may have to wash the exterior of your home more frequently if you choose a siding that is white or yellow. Keep in mind that all vinyl siding can benefit from an occasional wash with soap and water.
  2. Darker colors are more susceptible to long term fading than lighter ones. Although many manufacturers of premium brands claim that their products are "fade-proof"--due to the use of better UV-inhibitors and pigment additives during the manufacturing process--it is not uncommon for vinyl siding to start to show some discoloration after about 10 years.
  3. All vinyl siding expands and contracts owing to its exposure to the sun's heat. However, darker colors absorb more heat than lighter ones, which means that they may be more susceptible to warping and distortion over the long haul. Professional installers can accommodate for this issue, but poorly installed panels may shrink to the point that rain water gets behind the siding, and causes damage.
  4. When installing vinyl siding, it is necessary to seal the joints between your home's windows and the surrounding vinyl trim pieces with an exterior-grade caulking. It tends to looks best when that caulking is the same color as the siding, and you may want to ensure in advance that a color-matched caulking is available for the siding color that you prefer.

Most homeowners choose vinyl siding for its low-maintenance qualities, so it only makes sense to choose vinyl siding colors that can help minimize the need for work.

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