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Vinyl Siding Color Ideas and Selections

It is exciting to think about changing your home's exterior color, but don't choose a color without putting careful thought into it. The color you pick is a decision you will be living with for a long time. Your new vinyl siding will look good and last for years to come!

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Here are some considerations to keep in mind when choosing a new color scheme for your home.

Color Differences:
Colors often look different under different kinds of light. Get color chips representing your chosen colors and take them outdoors to see how they will look in the light. Compare your favorite siding and roofing colors to any trim colors you are thinking about.

Lighter Colors:
Often make your home appear larger and look as if it is closer to the front of the lot.

Darker Colors:
Often make your home appear smaller and look as if it is farther back on the lot. This can make a large home seem less imposing.

Choose a trim in a color that accents your siding to add visual interest to areas like entryways or porches.

Keep It Simple:
Remember that a little bit of color goes a long way. If you have specific color requirements for your project, you can use different shades in parts of your house and trim to achieve subtle yet powerful effects. Also don't try to use more than a couple different colors. Using a neutral shade will help emphasize the important colors.

Other Considerations:
Your home's style can be a guideline for what colors to choose. Certain homes may look best with a more subtle color combination, while others may look good with more dramatic color selections.

When speaking with a siding contractor, always ask to see a portfolio or pictures of recent work they have completed. From this you can see for yourself if they are capable of matching colors to your satisfaction. Remember with color, less is more. Your contractor should listen to your ideas.

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